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I love my new Steele saddle!

I wanted to let you know how much I love my new saddle. I have now used my Rocky Mountain, Kentucky Mountain, Tennessee Walker, and the quarter horse I bought it for. It fits them all well. I am in the process of selling my Tucker and a Bowman saddle

My Steele saddle introduced me to my wife!

I'd like to share this picture with you of a Steele Plantation saddle I bought that
 changed my life. Some time ago I sold a lady an Abetta saddle so I could purchase my 
Steele, in the process I unknowingly made a friend that would eventually become my wife
. I'm

So comfortable on my Friesian, Raphe!

I just wanted you to know what a comfortable saddle my Steele saddle is and how much I enjoy trail riding with it.
Here is a picture of my saddle when I first started using it on my Friesian horse, Raphe.

We have traveled all over the mountains of Idaho

Mustang – Quarter Horse all riding Steele Saddles

The best ride ever and you can find it on a Steele Saddle while trail riding EVERY time. This September 3 saddles found it on the river.

This is Fred and 2 of good friends Randy Speegle with his Mustang. Steele. Wayne Spears on his Quarter horse Hercules and