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I absolutely love my Steele saddle!

My new Outlaw saddle fits my horse too perfection. In the past five years. I have tried over ten high end saddles on my fjord. I was beginning to think I would never find a saddle that fit. I absolutely love my new Outlaw. It fits his back to perfection

Thanks so much!

This is my new Steele trail saddle on my horse. It fits perfectly! Thanks so much Steele Saddle. - William P

I love this saddle and so does my horse!


Sorry I took so long getting this photo to you. I love this saddle and so does my horse! No more bucking! Even my dressage trainer commented on how it sits you correctly and the quality of the workmanship.

Thanks again for the great saddle!

I really see what I’ve been missing!

Hello Eric,

Here are some pictures from the Oregon coast. My new saddle exceeds my expectations in every way.  Not only is it a beautiful saddle, it is by far, the most comfortable saddle I have ever owned. I love the leather, and you were absolutely right about the leather choice