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Steele Saddle Tacky Pad

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Steele Saddle Tacky Pad


Saddle Pad Choice

Product Description

This saddle pad was specifically designed by and for Steele Trail Saddle Riders and is the only saddle pad we recommend as it gives the best comfort and fit for your horse while riding.  We include it with every Demo Trail Saddle we send out of the shop.  You can opt for a new saddle pad or a demo saddle pad.  90% of our customers agree with us and purchase the pad, therefore, we have developed our Buy Back Program for the Steele Trail Saddle Pad.  If you opt to purchase a new pad when you order your demo saddle from Steele, then if you don’t agree with us send it back for a full refund!

5/8″ thick and compresses to 1/2″ thick

27″ length

Available Choices Include:
Fleece – Wool Saddle Pad 3/4″ compressing to 1/2″ thick Saddle Pad, provides thick packing for those horses requiring it with a Full Fleece Underside.

Saddle Color


Additional Information

Saddle Pad Choice Standard Trail Tacky Too Pad, 5/8 inch thick and compresses to 1/2 inch, 27 inch length thick Tacky Too Pad, Fleece Bottom - 5/8 inch thick and compresses to 1/2 inch, 27 inch length Thick Pad