Pain free riding in Colorado! With my new Steele saddle I’m able to ride with my granddaughter for many hours in Garden of the Gods Park.

I first want to say how good your Steele Saddles are!  I am a big guy and they extremely comfortable.  I can ride all day long with no problem. Keep making great saddles! – Les H.

Pain-free riding in my Steele saddle!

I absolutely love my new Steele saddle! The tuffed seat is fantastic! Thank you so much for making it so quickly. – Chris


I received my saddle and I can’t thank you enough! I love my Steele saddle, the comfort and quality can not be beat. – Libby M.

I want to thank you for an awesome saddle. Took my first ride yesterday and the saddle was an awesome fit for the horse and I both.

I love my Steele saddle and so does my horse Tango; it is very comfortable for both of us.  I feel like I am sitting secure in the saddle and not sitting on the saddle.  Because of the quality, the way it is built, and the exceptional fit for both of us, I can feel him underneath me and what a difference that makes.

Thank you for your help in measuring him and analyzing the photos… although it seemed like a bit of work at the time, it was time well spent.  He is extremely happy and so am I.

Thanks again!

Risé L.

My new Outlaw saddle fits my horse too perfection. In the past five years. I have tried over ten high end saddles on my fjord. I was beginning to think I would never find a saddle that fit. I absolutely love my new Outlaw. It fits his back to perfection and the craftsmanship is exceptional. I absolutely love riding it. I ride in the mountains of North Idaho on the Canadian border where the terrain is very steep and rocky. The design of the Outlaw is perfect for the steep terrain. I feel very secure in the saddle and most importantly.  I am able to take a lot of pressure off of my knees on the downhill with this saddle. Thank you Eric for making me the perfect saddle for my little hard to fit fjord. – Kandi C.