I absolutely “love” my saddle. I bought it used, and it was amazing at how I seemed to notice his gait improve. I believe it freed him up on the front end and allowed him a lot better movement, giving him a lot better gait. We have been all over and I truly can say this saddle has made my riding more enjoyable. I have literally rode all day in it and no pain whatsoever.  Thank you Steele Saddles, keep up the good work. – Rebecca M.

My Steele Trail Boss saddle is beautiful!! Ya’ll did a great job!! – Gabby D.

I writing to let you know that so far you’ve done such an awesome job at making a big decision like purchasing a saddle so easy for me.  Steele has made it so simple by answering all my questions and concerns, and I want to thank you for that.

First of all my Arabian isn’t an easy fit, so having the opportunity to try the demo really made this purchase rock solid. This is the most comfortable I’ve ever felt! My horse can move freely and she is happy too. It’s light weight and crafted well, and definitely impressive.

From the moment I unboxed the demo to actually trying it out on my horse, along with your expert tips, gas made this a positive experience. You’ve made it virtually impossible for me not to love it. The demo program is key to this perfect fit.. and it’s so worth it.

I’m so looking forward to my finished saddle!

Thank you,

Michele K.

Thank you to Eric for my Steele Saddle! The quality far exceeded my expectations and I am ecstatic to start putting the miles on it! Thanks again!!! – Kim V.

I received my saddle yesterday and I’m very pleased.  The quality and craftsmanship is incredible. I immediately removed it from the box, carried it to the barn, and tacked up my six year old. It fits her like a glove and she was pleased with the fit. She was reaching out and staying in her gait without any pressure, “pinching”, or pain. Also, I noticed that I am finally sitting in the correct position and not in “chair seat” as I was with my old (and too big) saddle. Thank you and I plan on pitching your saddles to other riders I meet on the trail. I apologize in advance if you start to see an increase in orders!

Jeff C.
Westpoint, IN

My Steele Mountaineer saddles! Thank you Steele Saddles!

I wanted to contact you about my Steele plantation saddle. I’m 52 and I have spinal and cervical arthritis. I also have knee and hip issues. I had just about given up on riding because of pain and discomfort.

My Walker and my plantation saddle are both a perfect fit for me AND my horse!  I’ve had the horse for years but I’ve only had the saddle for about a year.  I have ridden more last summer and this warm warm winter than I have in years!  PAIN FREE!!!

I love that you’ve worked so very hard to make a great product and I appreciate it more than you could ever know!  I trail ride, no showing, no competition. Riding has always given me such joy, peace and contentment!  I ride for me…I ride for the love if it!  Your saddle has given me such a huge gift and I just wanted to say thank you for your dedication and commitment to what you do!  You do it wonderfully!!!

Thanks and have a blessed day!

Ritchie LOVES the distressed brown brindled leather. Do you all make head stalls and breast collars in the same color? We would like to find cowboy boots and a leather jacket the same color as we love it so much! LOL! That is the most gorgeous saddle, it is so hard to capture it in photos. Now I know what color I want next for my saddle. – Laura