I don’t do many testimonials, but this one is well-earned. I’ve owned my Steele saddle for about 10 years and used it for many, many miles. It has been to Bighorns, Custer, Emminence, and numerous local trails in Wis. Fits well both me and the horse. Comfortable riding 4 miles and riding 25 miles. In fact, it has outlasted a couple of horses. Here’s a picture after I cleaned it. I wanted to share before it gets dusty again. Thanks so much for the outstanding craftsmanship. The way this one is wearing I’ll probably never own another one. – Bob A.

When I ordered my new saddle you told me it would fit all types of horses and you were right. I bought it for my 14.1 Rocky who has a short back. It fits him like a glove – doesn’t slip forward or back. I don’t even use a breast collar. I also use it on my Appy mare who is 15h and weighs 1150. Again, a perfect fit! I have ridden other horses with a variety of back shapes and the same story. I am truly amazed. The saddle is very comfortable and holds you in a good position while riding. I absolutely love this saddle. And, I’m an older woman and also love that it is light to throw up on the horse. I do it myself with no problem. Thank you very much for helping me find such a good saddle! God bless! – Sherrie B.

Riding in your saddle was an eye-opener for me. I did not realize how UNCOMFORTABLE my saddle really was! To the point were I was hurting and in pain from it! I just thought it was me!!!! What a difference! I DREAD having to ride in my saddle now. I don’t want to hurt. I couldn’t stop talking about how maybe now I can enjoy the rides!! I am so excited!!! – Annette V.

I love my new saddle and tell everyone I meet that I love it! In fact, my girlfriend ordered one, too! It is so comfortable for me and my horse and the narrow twist and rise in the seat in the front make it so that my arthritic hip can stay in the saddle much longer than I have been able to in years. I am delighted with the quality, design, weight (an important factor for this grandma), and most of all the comfort. Thank you so much!!
- Justine E.

I purchased my Steele mountaineer from you last spring, but I wasn’t able to ride in my new saddle until yesterday. I had a spinal fusion with rods and screws in my back last summer that has kept me from riding up until now. I was a little worried about how my back was going to hold up after my first 2.5 hr trail ride, but to my amazement, I did great with my new mountaineer. My horse even jumped a couple of ditches and my saddle kept me comfortable and secure. My back is not even sore! I’m so glad I purchased this saddle because, without it, I’m not even sure if I would’ve been able to continue riding.
- Michelle A.

I can’t tell you enough about how happy I am with my new saddle! I got to take it on our first trail ride through the snowy woods yesterday. I was waiting to do that before writing to you. Both my mare and I love this saddle. I had fallen under the “flex panels are best for your horse myth.” How wrong I was!

After the second saddle failure where the whole thing slid off with me on it while going at a good clip, I wasn’t willing to risk riding in that saddle anymore. That saddle is of a known and adored brand. It shows you what I knew. After researching thoroughly, I picked your saddle.

Many reviews talked about not being in pain after riding. I thought that would be great, but I doubted it would work for me as I have degenerative disc disease and my lower spine is bone on bone. Well, boy was I wrong. I am riding without pain now, and I feel more connected to my horse than with any of my older flex panel saddles. I feel like a teenager on horseback again which is pretty exciting for someone in their mid-sixties.

Not only is the saddle comfortable for me, but I can tell my mare likes it too. She is moving more freely. It is very stable on her. Every other saddle I’ve ever used on her has slid back further than I’d like. I’ve had her for fifteen years and used multiple saddles, so I figured that’s just the way it is with pasos. Your saddle stays in place, and I have no fear of it falling sideways. It’s like sitting on a couch.

Several people at my barn have tried the saddle. They are primarily dressage riders. They have commented that the saddle is not only comfortable but that they felt closer in contact with the horse than on their saddles.

Thank you for your wonderful craftsmanship, fine product and for a new lease on riding! I do extensive trail riding and horse camping. Due to pain, I was thinking I had to curtail my riding or even give it up. Not anymore. I’m driving my friends crazy talking about how much I love this saddle. (Sadly, many are still following the flex panel myth.). You’d never get a break from saddle making if people knew what a fine product you make.

- Review from Nancy B.

I have had my saddle for a few years now and it is the most comfortable saddle I have ever sat in! My trainer makes a comment every time she sits in it. This saddle I will have a lifetime and then some. The try before you buy is a great way to see for yourself before making a purchase. I also added the wider stirrups for trail riding- can ride for hours!
- Robin N. of West Greenwich, RI (purchased Mountaineer Saddle)

I bought a Missouri Fox Trotter mare, and my first ride on her in my old saddle (a very expensive big name saddle) she bucked me off because it didn’t fit her short curvy back.   Fast forward many saddles, trainers and months later, I found and built my dream saddle, a Steele Mountaineer, custom built to fit my horse and I.  The saddle stayed put and my horse was free moving and comfortable carrying me.  The seat was so comfortable and I love the endurance stirrups, my knees didn’t hurt after the ride.  Thank You!!