“I am sure that you have heard many stories from people who have bought many saddles before finding yours. I, too, have had several custom-made to try to fit my Tennessee Walkers. None of them have come close to fitting me so comfortable and fitting my horses so well. During my first several rides, they blew out continuously, rounded their backs, gaited better, and relaxed more than I have ever seen.

But my story does not end there…

Three years ago, I had a severe case of meningitis, which left me completely deaf and with a severe vestibular/balance disorder. After spending 6 weeks in the hospital, all I wanted to do was ride my horses again, even though I could hardly walk. I designed my own therapeutic riding program, which eventually helped my balance enough that I could walk without canes.

At that point in time, I was riding in custom-made English saddles (the only style that actually fit my horses). But I had two accidents when my horses shied one way, and I fell off the opposite way. One ended up with a concussion; the second pulled the horse over on top of me and I broke both of my legs. I knew then that I had to give up my English saddles and find something safer for me and that would fit my horses.

I am absolutely thrilled that I found my Steele saddle! It is not only very comfortable for me, but my horses have shied and I have remained securely in place, even with my balance disorder. Your design with the rider’s groove is truly brilliant, and the fact that you enable 99 % of horses to have free shoulder movement and comfort is remarkable. I know that you are, not only providing comfort for riders and horses but are also preventing many, many injuries and accidents. You should feel very good about that :)

Thank you again for developing such a wonderful product.” – Nancy R.

This is such an AWESOME testimony! I’m so glad that you found us and trusted our workmanship to meet your saddle needs. We truly take pride in what we do and try to provide comfort for the horse and rider as well as a secure fit. I wish you many safe, happy trials.

“Eric, Thank you So Much for taking the time to talk with me tonight. Your dedication and honesty have made me want nothing other than your products for both my horses. I am truly impressed with your passion and knowledge regarding your own saddles. I am proud of you and will be sharing our conversation amongst my friends.” – Teresa C.

We appreciate your kind words, Teresa. We truly take pride in the quality and workmanship put into every saddle that we craft. Our goal is to make certain we provide a superior fit for the rider and horse. We stand behind this statement and will not settle for less. Thank you for trusting us to meet your saddle and tack needs.

The expression on my daughter Tatum’s face says it all Christmas Day when she unwrapped her Steele saddle. She was able to get in several trail rides over Christmas break and loves the saddle even more. – Joe Blake Ghent (WV)



Eric, Fred, and the entire Steele Saddle crew!
I just got my amazing, beautiful new Steele Saddle a few weeks ago and I am absolutely blown away by the beauty and unique quality craftsmanship that you all put into this stunning piece of art. I ordered this back in July after receiving some inheritance money from my parents who are both now passed away. I am confident that they are both smiling at the unbelievable gift that they were able to give to me and even better is the providence of my Abba Father to lead me to you all about 12 years ago. This is my 3rd Steele Saddle and I am so grateful to God for you all! Tears of joy are streaming down my face even as I write this! Just in time for Christmas, this beautiful saddle arrived to show me how very much our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ cares for every little detail of our lives! It fits me and both of my Foxtrotters perfectly! Be encouraged that you are making saddles to the glory of God! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and all your family and staff! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! – Susan L.

Steele Saddle Testimonial


Love my new Steele Saddle!! – Niki L.

- We are glad you are happy, thanks for sending a great photo. – Eric & Fred


This is a good saddle. We have one season, around 300 mountain miles, on it and are very happy with material quality and workmanship. And, it’s very comfortable for rider and horse. We routinely ride 20+ mile days in the wilderness and don’t feel beat up at the end of the day. We appreciate the security of the deep seat and the free-swinging English style stirrup leathers. I swing into this saddle at the start of the day and it just feels right, like a favorite pair of hiking boots. It is also really durable. I was concerned about the strength of the cedar tree but it has been in two hard wrecks without structural damage. The leather is top shelf and has not been sealed or top-finished. This means it readily takes neats foot and is easier to maintain. I think it makes for a shorter and more efficient break-in too. Really happy with this saddle. – Jim Watson, Carol Bibler (NW Montana)

I don’t do many testimonials, but this one is well-earned. I’ve owned my Steele saddle for about 10 years and used it for many, many miles. It has been to Bighorns, Custer, Emminence, and numerous local trails in Wis. Fits well both me and the horse. Comfortable riding 4 miles and riding 25 miles. In fact, it has outlasted a couple of horses. Here’s a picture after I cleaned it. I wanted to share before it gets dusty again. Thanks so much for the outstanding craftsmanship. The way this one is wearing I’ll probably never own another one. – Bob A.

When I ordered my new saddle you told me it would fit all types of horses and you were right. I bought it for my 14.1 Rocky who has a short back. It fits him like a glove – doesn’t slip forward or back. I don’t even use a breast collar. I also use it on my Appy mare who is 15h and weighs 1150. Again, a perfect fit! I have ridden other horses with a variety of back shapes and the same story. I am truly amazed. The saddle is very comfortable and holds you in a good position while riding. I absolutely love this saddle. And, I’m an older woman and also love that it is light to throw up on the horse. I do it myself with no problem. Thank you very much for helping me find such a good saddle! God bless! – Sherrie B.