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Thanks so much!

IMG_0420Picture of Nico with my Steele Saddle & Bridle. He and I both love it! Thanks so much! - Sharon G.

Steele is the best by far.

My new Fox Trotter in my new Steele saddle (not me aboard though). A great horse and the best saddle I’ve been in (and I’ve had many), including expensive custom made saddles. Steele is the best by far, and great guys to work with.

Many thanks,

Alan B.

My new Steele saddle fits like a glove!

I received my saddle yesterday and I'm very pleased.  The quality and craftsmanship are incredible. I immediately removed it from the box, carried it to the barn, and tacked up my six year old. It fits her like a glove and she was pleased with the fit. She was reaching

I’m thrilled with my new Steele Frontier saddle.

I’m thrilled with my new Steele Frontier saddle. I took it out for a long ride with my big girl today, and she and I both LOVE it. I have a torn labrum and arthritis in my hip and will be having surgery soon. My other saddles are so painful

We love our Steele Mountaineer saddles!

My daughter and I rode together on a couple of our Icelandics. She used the Steele Mountaineer demo, and she is thrilled with it! She can’t wait for her saddle to be finished. I can see that we will be sharing my saddle, when you send it to me, until