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Thank you Steele Saddle

James Coulson of Strattanville, PA riding with the Classic Trail Saddle.

I may be done with my riding season for this year although I do hope to get one or two more in before the weather gets ugly. I must

Love my new ride!

Cyndi Gibbs and her horse Monty

I ride for Alpha & Omega Mounted Patrol and I just completed a ten-hour shift at Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Concert in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. I love my Steel Saddle, I can’t

Thanks so much!

IMG_0420Picture of Nico with my Steele Saddle & Bridle. He and I both love it! Thanks so much! - Sharon G.

Steele is the best by far.

My new Fox Trotter in my new Steele saddle (not me aboard though). A great horse and the best saddle I’ve been in (and I’ve had many), including expensive custom made saddles. Steele is the best by far, and great guys to work with.

Many thanks,

Alan B.