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I’m thrilled with my new Steele Frontier saddle.

I’m thrilled with my new Steele Frontier saddle. I took it out for a long ride with my big girl today, and she and I both LOVE it. I have a torn labrum and arthritis in my hip and will be having surgery soon. My other saddles are so painful

We love our Steele Mountaineer saddles!

My daughter and I rode together on a couple of our Icelandics. She used the Steele Mountaineer demo, and she is thrilled with it! She can’t wait for her saddle to be finished. I can see that we will be sharing my saddle, when you send it to me, until

A valuable resource!

Laura Hark-Plumley is such a valuable resource for those of us who follow her trail riding adventures on her beautiful horses in her Steele Saddles. In talking with Laura today, she shared she owns 5 Steele Saddles and they fit any horse or mule she has put them on.

Jonesborough, TN

I look forward to many years riding in this lovely saddle.

I finally got to ride in my beautiful new saddle today.  My horse moved great in it.  We did a lot of bending exercises and she felt very loose and able to move freely.  I love the free flowing fenders as well.  I can put my legs anywhere on my

I am thrilled with my Steele saddle!

Hello Eric and Fred,

I wanted to tell you guys that the saddle was perfect.  It has been raining since I received it so I have not had a chance to take pictures and post them.  As soon as I save enough money, I am going to order another one.  It