As awesome today as it was 15 years ago!

In 2007, I bought my first horse, a Morgan gelding. I bought a custom Tennesse Plantation-style saddle at the same time. 15 years later, both Shadow and I are semi-retired. In 15 years, and hundreds, if not thousands of trail rides through mountains, deserts, and redwoods – never a sore back, never a saddle sore, as awesome today as it was 15 years ago. And still incredibly comfortable. Thank you for having such pride in your work.

– Mary F. from Hot Springs Village



I received my new Platinum Steel Saddle and took it on a 10-day riding/camping trip. The saddle lived up to its reputation. After 8 days and about 180 miles of different terrain, my horse did not have any rub marks or sores. The saddle was my first without a horn and never missed it. Safe, secure, and comfortable. So, well worth the wait. Thank you all at Steele!
– John H. from Chatham, MA


We are loving our new Steele Mountaineer!

We are a month into training for our first endurance ride season in Florida, and my Spotted Saddle Horse mare, Spicey Gravedancer, is loving her new Steele Mountaineer! I am not surprised, since I have competed in endurance and competitive trail rides with her mother, Ginger Twist, riding her Steele Mountaineer for 8 seasons and almost 700 competition miles!! 

Kym Rouse Holzwart, Spotted Dance Ranch, Brooksville, Florida

Completely lived up to my high expectations!

My Steele Outlaw saddle has completely lived up to my high expectations! I invested in a Steele because I wanted a saddle that fit me and my horse, is lightweight, comfortable, and really secure. Recently I got to test out the security factor. I was out riding with a friend who had just been chatting with me about the possibility of getting a Steele for herself. Suddenly my gelding began to stomp, and then he humped up and began bucking. My friend yelled that we were in a ground bee nest. While Spiderman crow hopped, I stuck to that Steele like a buckaroo! Was able to do an emergency dismount and lead him out of the swarm. I am so grateful to have walked away from that rodeo with no injury, especially since at 62 things heal more slowly. I think Steele will be getting an order soon from my riding buddy who was very impressed with how my Outlaw allowed me to keep my seat. It\’s also the most beautiful saddle I have ever owned. Special features I love are the Ranger conchos, rawhide pencil roll cantle, and tapadero stirrups. Thanks so much for the saddle I will probably ride for the rest of my life. – Mel Wensel, Port Orchard, WA

I have the most comfortable saddle ever!

For 8 years I struggled with finding a saddle that fit my barrel of a haflinger/Belgian boy..several saddles, several slides and falls later I took the try before you buy trial and now have the best fit with zero slip…fits my boy, his back is protected and I have the most comfortable saddle ever!!! – Caryn, (Manteo, NC)


E-Z Ride Nylon Stirrups Recall

On March 21, 2022, Steele Saddle published a recall notice regarding our E-Z Ride Nylon Stirrups sold between July 1, 2020, and July 31, 2021. We apologize that you were not made aware of this information in advance. Steele Saddle felt, when it came to safety, time was of the essence. Use of this product should be discontinued immediately.