Lifetime Guarantee

Our Fiberglass Encased Trees Are 100% Unconditionally Guaranteed for Life at Steele Saddle

We manufacture saddle trees for our trail saddles and for many other custom saddle makers. They are the best and strongest on earth. Our saddles are primarily built for trail riding and pleasure riding, but even the trees in our English Saddles are stronger than the competitor.  Our mule saddles come with a reinforced crupper and our roping saddle comes with a reinforced roping horn all of which are guaranteed for life as well as comfortable.

Our Custom Tree & Saddle trees fit horses better than any others. To demonstrate this, saddle makers who use our trees, sell lots of saddles to customers concerned with the comfort of their horses. Customers know that good fit and comfort to their horses will directly affect the quality of their performance. Reputable saddle makers use our trees to build saddles for pleasure riding, roping, cutting, reigning, endurance racing and many other events.

A saddle is only as good as the tree it is built on. When it comes to comfort or strength of the rider there are no trees anywhere close to ours.

The photos below are just some examples of what we can do. We have helped solve a lot of saddle makers’ tree problems. Maybe we can help you with yours.