1998, Jacks Fork River Emminence Missouri Trail Ride

Trail Saddles by Trail Riders

Our Steele Saddle is the best shaped tree and fit for horse and trail riders anywhere handmade here in McEwen Tennessee.  Over the years we have added a line of western saddles, endurance saddles, and custom hand tooled saddles for our trail riding customers.

All of our saddles still have the same shape top and bottoms to insure great fit and comfort for the rider. These saddles will fit the vast majority of horses well.  Trail riders can enjoy riding for up to 8-12 hours per day in a Steele Trail Saddle.

Steele Trail Saddles are unique and comfortable like no other. When you settle down into your saddle, you will then know, that it is the most comfortable saddle that you have or will ever experience.

Custom Tree & Saddle “Trail Saddles by Steele” is one of the few custom saddle makers in the USA who build their own trees and provide a 100% unconditional lifetime warranty.  We encase the tree on each saddle with fiberglass to make the strongest available anywhere and offer reinforced tree options for those who will use the saddle for roping or for hard crupper use.  Most of the saddles are built for trail and pleasure riding.  Our saddles are 100% made in the USA here in Tennessee and we are proud to say that!

We use American made materials with the exceptions of a few items of hardware. On the western saddles, we use 2” thin stirrup leathers backed with bio-thane. We feel that this is much more flexible and they tend to swing much more easily for trail riding in the rough country.

We pull all fork covers on wet so that they fit tight against the fork all over. You can’t feel soft places anywhere with this. Our horn covers are sewn on by hand and fastened to the horn so they will never get loose and turn in on the horn cap.

The seat shape is perfect in the tree itself and the seat is laid in with no buildup so the ridges or bumps of the trail will never show up after the saddle has been rode. There isn’t any padding to cover up under the saddle. When the seat shape is correct on your saddle, it should be much more comfortable with little padding.  If the seat shape is incorrect, there is not enough padding to correct this and give you a comfortable ride.

We offer a saddle seat shape that fits the rider. We refer to it as “the rider’s groove”. This is very well defined to contour to your body so the weight will be distributed evenly all over to give you a perfectly comfortable saddle. This also helps in sizing of the saddle. Sizes arrange from Small to Extra Large. You can easily see the differences in our trail saddles and most importantly, you will feel it.

You will frequently hear references to “pressure points”. This is were the tree of the saddle doesn’t fit the horse correctly and the area’s that support the weight on the horse’s aren’t divided equally. You will hear experienced riders tell some inexperienced riders that they will just have to get used to the uncomfortable feelings and walking funny as they dismount their horses. This is not something that you will get use to. This has to do with an incorrect saddle. You will never have the feeling of wasted money with our trail saddles. That’s why we offer the try before you buy. We have all the confidence, and truly stand behind our work. Put our trail saddles to the test. Come in and experience the comfort in our saddles.

Eric Hawkins & Fred Egli Jr, Custom Tree and Saddle, Saddles by Steele