Introducing Friends to Mules and Steele Saddles

Laura Hark-Plumley shares this awesome photo with us on Facebook that she had taken while introducing her friends to riding mules for the first time and Steele Saddles!! She says they loved both!

Thank you so much Laura for sharing this photo with us, we love to see our customers enjoying their saddles!

Check Out Our New Website

The Steele Saddle Website on Mobile, Tablet, Laptop, and Desktop

In case you haven’t visited our website today, our new Steele Saddle website is live! We are so excited to have a website that allows our customers to seamlessly customize and purchase their new Steele Saddle. The new website also features some of our Steele riders. Special thank you to our wonderful customers who have submitted their photos! 

Riding Through Montana

Look at this beautiful photo sent in by Linette Oehrlein and Susan Bates riding through Montana. They are on their way to Glassier park. These were taken yesterday in Benchmark at Sun Rive in The Bob Martial wilderness.


We are so proud of Valierie Ellis Hawkins and her new song COLORBLIND which is great.


Valierie Ellis Hawkins is an amazing Country Music artist who is respected and loved for her music.  She doesn’t go for the slamming drum loops, snap tracks, clap tracks, endless loops, and gimmick-filled fakery just to sell a song. Her angelic voice, brilliant smile, a witty grand personality, with class and grace are small parts of the magic recipe that draws you to her music.

Valierie’s music is captivating, with each song crafted like a fine sculpture. Each word and note a polished gem, with pure honesty in its delivery. She exemplifies Country Music the way it ought to be offered to the fans and the “country curious.”

Join us as we follow along on her journey! LISTEN TO COLORBLIND NOW

Valerie - Colorblind


Thank you Steele Saddle

James Coulson of Strattanville, PA riding with the Classic Trail Saddle.

I may be done with my riding season for this year although I do hope to get one or two more in before the weather gets ugly. I must say that my Steele Classic Trail saddle and Steele saddle pad has been a real blessing this season. In the past, my horse would develop a sore spot on his back after a 10 to 15-mile ride. I tried many things to avoid this but couldn’t solve the issue. My horse never had a sore spot on his back this summer and neither did I. I didn’t get as grouchy after lunch as I did in the past and when I dismounted I could walk right away and didn’t have to wait a few seconds to get the feeling back in my legs. The cedar tree is light enough that I have no trouble lifting the saddle on to my horse even after having total reverse replacements on both shoulders. I just wonder how many folks who have quit riding because it was too uncomfortable could still be enjoying the trail on a Steele saddle. Thank You, Eric, Fred, and Steele Saddle Company. – James C.

Love my new ride!

Cyndi Gibbs and her horse Monty

I ride for Alpha & Omega Mounted Patrol and I just completed a ten-hour shift at Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Concert in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. I love my Steel Saddle, I can’t say enough good things! I have no sore legs or numb toes and my back doesn’t hurt. It’s the best for both the human and the horse, thank you so much, Steele!
The photo is of Cyndi Gibbs and Monty. – Cyndi G.