I am so happy that Israel supplies tester saddles!

I am a 60-year-old horsewoman. Currently, I don’t have my own horse, but I am a Co- rider for horse owners that don’t have enough time to exercise their horses. Because of this arrangement, I get to sit in many different brands of saddles, but I always need to change the stirrup length and some saddles can be very heavy. Recently I saw the “try before you buy” advertisement from Steele Israel. That gave me the idea to buy my own gear. Gabriella gave me a demo saddle for a week, and now I never want to ride in any other saddle again. I am really happy that you have a dealer in Israel, that supplies “tester” saddles, without that service I would never have discovered your saddle. It’s a great idea! Gabriella made me feel like a VIP, which made the whole process fun.