I have been riding for years and these saddles are the best!

I have been riding horses for years. I rode with any saddle I could borrow. In 2000 I purchased a Tucker saddle. It was nice but I didn’t really know the difference in Saddles.  In 2008 my friend wanted me to ride his classic Steele Saddle.  It was so comfortable that I bought the saddle from him.   I have had this saddle for 13 years.  (It is at least 20 years old and never been worked on.) It’s still comfortable like brand new.

Last year my husband surprised me with a black Steele Trail Boss.  I love it and it is so beautiful and comfortable.   One day my husband asked if he could try it.   He rode it and said he had no pain in his legs or back.  Well, he loved it so much that he ordered him a Hybrid Steele Saddle.   A couple of friends sat in the new Trail Boss Saddle and both have already ordered a Steele Saddle from eric@steelesaddle.com.

The Steele Saddles are so light that even this 70-year-old woman Saddles my own horse.  If you don’t want any pain while riding, I highly encourage anyone to purchase a Steele Saddle from eric@steelesaddle.com. God bless.  – Mildred Mason