I really tested this saddle and I’m convinced it’s the best!

Horse wearing a saddle in a barn

So y’all!! If I wasn’t convinced about the Steele saddle before my ride yesterday (I was!), my horse definitely convinced me!! Here’s what happened: Talk about testing this saddle…!!! Thanks to my Rio, I couldn’t have planned this one if I tried!! My husband was out in the lower pasture on the tractor mowing, and Rio and I were riding toward him. Apparently, the tractor got a little too close for Rio’s comfort, And he shied – I mean like violently spun away from the tractor – let me TELL YA – I didn’t MOVE in this saddle!!! I was totally secure!! Then he did it AGAIN, and I still didn’t move – I lost my left stirrup, and still didn’t move!! I was cracking up – my husband probably thinks I’m crazy (course he thought that before this happened LOL) Then, of course, I started thinking about a few other times in the past couple of years that I’ve fallen off – hmmm if I’d have had the Steele saddle, I wouldn’t have fallen off LOL! BUT I can’t change the past! SO yeah – this new custom saddle is DEFINITELY SOLD!! I ordered it yesterday!! Its gonna take 14-16 weeks for them to build it, they are behind because of Covid, which led to supply chain issues… and THEN their area is in the part of Tennessee that had the horrible flash floods a few months ago, and they are still recovering from that! This saddle is SO worth the wait for me! And it’s going to be beautiful!!! Yesterday I returned the demo saddle that you see on Rio, and got to choose my saddle colors and other options, and met some of the great folks, and saw some of the processes of how saddles are made. It was fascinating!! . They also obviously ship both the demo saddle and their custom saddles to people who are further away – they even ship to Israel!! – Denise K.