I love my Steele saddle and so does my horse Tango; it is very comfortable for both of us.  I feel like I am sitting secure in the saddle and not sitting on the saddle.  Because of the quality, the way it is built, and the exceptional fit for both of us, I can feel him underneath me and what a difference that makes.

Thank you for your help in measuring him and analyzing the photos… although it seemed like a bit of work at the time, it was time well spent.  He is extremely happy and so am I.

Thanks again!

Risé L.

My new Outlaw saddle fits my horse too perfection. In the past five years. I have tried over ten high end saddles on my fjord. I was beginning to think I would never find a saddle that fit. I absolutely love my new Outlaw. It fits his back to perfection and the craftsmanship is exceptional. I absolutely love riding it. I ride in the mountains of North Idaho on the Canadian border where the terrain is very steep and rocky. The design of the Outlaw is perfect for the steep terrain. I feel very secure in the saddle and most importantly.  I am able to take a lot of pressure off of my knees on the downhill with this saddle. Thank you Eric for making me the perfect saddle for my little hard to fit fjord. – Kandi C.

I recently went through the trial saddle program and after speaking with Eric I ordered my saddle for my young quarter horse. Upon receiving it I have now used it on three of my horses and these horse confirmation couldn’t be anymore different. The qtr horse(grulla) large TWH (palomino) and Rocky Mountain (red/chocolate). I have been on some very arduous trail rides and they all do really well with this one saddle. An added bonus is that I was experiencing a lot of discomfort on longer rides and all that is gone. I love this saddle. I loved my Trail Boss so much I got my husband a Mountaineer. I took Eric’s advice as far as upgrades and features and couldn’t be happier. Eric was very helpful in picking out what upgrades would be important to what I do and my horses. – Sherry M.

Oh my goodness! I simply cannot believe it! This is the saddle I have seen in my dreams only! Thank you for creating the perfect saddle for trail riding for a lifelong horsewoman who has owned 100′s of horses and 20+ saddles over the years, but just never found the perfect saddle! I will be ordering your Endurance Wrangler Trail Saddle ASAP!!! – Tenne T.

“My TWH loves my new Steele Mountaineer, as do I. Thanks!!!”  – New Steele Trail Saddle Customer!

Got the saddle, it fits beautifully for both the horse and the rider. Thank you so much. You have yet another very pleased customer. – Amy J.

I own a brown Steele Plantion saddle.  It is 22 years old and is still in excellent condition.  It has held up better than any saddle I have ever ridden. I consider Steele Saddles as the best there is. – Eugene S.

Hi Eric,

It’s been about three months now since I received my Mountaineer saddle and it is absolutely the best saddle I have ever owned!  This is the first saddle that I didn’t have to put a gel cover over the seat for the long hours of riding. I can ride in the saddle all day without becoming sore. I even have a bad ankle and hip and in my old saddle, I always had discomfort after riding for a couple hours, but with my Mountaineer I haven’t had any problems! My horse Ms. Mattie moves extremely well in our Mountaineer and she is never sore after long rides. The quality and craftsmanship super exceeds any saddle maker that I have come across! I definitely will be contacting you guys again when my filly becomes of age to be fitted! In the mean time, I’m enjoying my trail rides with Ms. Mattie and our Mountaineer!  And I’m putting the word out there to people that… it’s just not a comfortable ride until you ride in a Steele saddle!

God bless,

Michelle A.