I own a brown Steele Plantion saddle.  It is 22 years old and is still in excellent condition.  It has held up better than any saddle I have ever ridden. I consider Steele Saddles as the best there is. – Eugene S.

Hi Eric,

It’s been about three months now since I received my Mountaineer saddle and it is absolutely the best saddle I have ever owned!  This is the first saddle that I didn’t have to put a gel cover over the seat for the long hours of riding. I can ride in the saddle all day without becoming sore. I even have a bad ankle and hip and in my old saddle, I always had discomfort after riding for a couple hours, but with my Mountaineer I haven’t had any problems! My horse Ms. Mattie moves extremely well in our Mountaineer and she is never sore after long rides. The quality and craftsmanship super exceeds any saddle maker that I have come across! I definitely will be contacting you guys again when my filly becomes of age to be fitted! In the mean time, I’m enjoying my trail rides with Ms. Mattie and our Mountaineer!  And I’m putting the word out there to people that… it’s just not a comfortable ride until you ride in a Steele saddle!

God bless,

Michelle A.

Hello Eric,

Just wanted to tell you my new saddle arrived Monday and it is awesome! I rode for about 3 hours today and noticed that hey, my knees don’t hurt! The saddle fits both me and Dusty (my horse) perfectly, and it feels so much more secure than my old saddle. Thanks so much for a great saddle.


Laura M.

About five years ago I did a demo on a Steele saddle and then ordered a Trail Boos.  It has been the most comfortable saddle I have ever ridden and I have been riding for over 50 years. The horses like it too! I have since bought another Steele saddle for my grand-kids to use. In addition to the fact that they have a high quality product, the caring way Eric and Steele Saddle deals with their customers is more than worth the price. I am a Steele Saddle guy for life. – Scott W.

I wanted to let you know how much I love my new saddle. I have now used my Rocky Mountain, Kentucky Mountain, Tennessee Walker, and the quarter horse I bought it for. It fits them all well. I am in the process of selling my Tucker and a Bowman saddle I have so I can order my second Steele! Wish I had known sooner saved me a lot of money in the long run! – Sherry M.

Hi Eric, I have ridden in my saddle for the last few months and it is the best saddle I have ever had. Didn’t have to break it in, didn’t have problems getting it on my tall horse or keeping it looking brand new. And, probably the best part is that it fits him and fits me. I love it and want you to know — although you probably already do — it was worth every penny I spent on it. Thanks so much. – Stephanie R., Arizona

I’d like to share this picture with you of a Steele Plantation saddle I bought that
 changed my life. Some time ago I sold a lady an Abetta saddle so I could purchase my 
Steele, in the process I unknowingly made a friend that would eventually become my wife
. I’m happy to announce that we now have an amazing daughter! – Jeremy W.

Mr. Eric Hawkins of Steele Custom Tree & Saddle. I’m ready to order a Steele trail saddle from you after riding the demo saddle you sent me. I have ridden my mule in that saddle over 120 miles in the mountains and worked my mule from the Steele saddle while sorting over 500 calves from cows here.
I have taken multiple photos for you of my mule with the Steele saddle on so you can see the fit with the saddle pad and rigging from all angles. It simply fits my mule very well before and after riding as you can see from these photos.
I can’t say enough about the fit and ride of the saddle while riding and working and i am ready for my own Steele Saddle. THANKS!

Ritchie Romero
Cajun Wholesale of Maurice, LA
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