Thank you to Eric for my Steele Saddle! The quality far exceeded my expectations and I am ecstatic to start putting the miles on it! Thanks again!!! – Kim V.

I received my saddle yesterday and I’m very pleased.  The quality and craftsmanship is incredible. I immediately removed it from the box, carried it to the barn, and tacked up my six year old. It fits her like a glove and she was pleased with the fit. She was reaching out and staying in her gait without any pressure, “pinching”, or pain. Also, I noticed that I am finally sitting in the correct position and not in “chair seat” as I was with my old (and too big) saddle. Thank you and I plan on pitching your saddles to other riders I meet on the trail. I apologize in advance if you start to see an increase in orders!

Jeff C.
Westpoint, IN

My Steele Mountaineer saddles! Thank you Steele Saddles!

I wanted to contact you about my Steele plantation saddle. I’m 52 and I have spinal and cervical arthritis. I also have knee and hip issues. I had just about given up on riding because of pain and discomfort.

My Walker and my plantation saddle are both a perfect fit for me AND my horse!  I’ve had the horse for years but I’ve only had the saddle for about a year.  I have ridden more last summer and this warm warm winter than I have in years!  PAIN FREE!!!

I love that you’ve worked so very hard to make a great product and I appreciate it more than you could ever know!  I trail ride, no showing, no competition. Riding has always given me such joy, peace and contentment!  I ride for me…I ride for the love if it!  Your saddle has given me such a huge gift and I just wanted to say thank you for your dedication and commitment to what you do!  You do it wonderfully!!!

Thanks and have a blessed day!

Ritchie LOVES the distressed brown brindled leather. Do you all make head stalls and breast collars in the same color? We would like to find cowboy boots and a leather jacket the same color as we love it so much! LOL! That is the most gorgeous saddle, it is so hard to capture it in photos. Now I know what color I want next for my saddle. – Laura

This is my story and it is so true!! I have ridden crazy horses for many years! I saw the Steele saddles at Cross Country Trail Ride, Eminence MO. I Spent 5 weeks every year riding the MO Ozarks. We were always buying & selling horses and saddles! Then, one day (of course, I had gotten older and smarter!!) I thought, “That saddle looks so comfy” well, long story short…eventually I bought one! Can’t remember, just which one!!! Several horses later, plus 10 years! I got another!!!! The Steele Outlaw saddle has saved me so many times! I still have crazy horses, I don’t end up in the ground because I ride a Steele saddle. Best saddle ever..I will never ride anything but the saddles built by Eric & Fred @ Steele Saddle!! BONITA TERRELL

I have been using the new saddle pad from Tacky Tack that you sent me. Let me say that is a FANTASTIC pad. The quality of the construction with the bound edge, high density felt and the dense fleece underside truly matches the quality of my Steele saddle. That pad is so “tacky” I am able to loosen the cinch strap 2 holes and the saddle stays in place all day long. During pointing dog field trials I mount and dismount the horse many times throughout the day so a saddle that stays in place is a must. It is like the saddle is bolted to the horse. I will be ordering more of these pads for my other saddles.

I have probably ridden 50 hours on that pad and with a little brushing it looks like new. The fleece underside feels dry minutes after I take the pad off the horse and the suede like top dries quickly in the sun. In Florida horses sweat a lot so the sweat management performance of this pad is most welcome. Last weekend I rode 20 hours in a 3 day field trial and my back felt great afterwards. The Steele saddle provides the right lower back support and is incredibly comfortable. When I did let a few people ride one of my horses with that saddle, they all remarked on how it was the most comfortable saddle they had ever ridden. Some of the folks have been riding for 3 decades or more.



My mom performance tested her new Steele Mountaineer on Sadie the Peruvian cross Mule, on one of our steepest trails in southern West Virginia. She loves her new saddle.  It fit Sadie like all my other Steeles, perfect.  No need for a breast collar or crupper!