Fleece-Wool Saddle Pad

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Fleece-Wool Saddle Pad


Saddle Pad Colors

Product Description

27″ long x 34″ x 3/4″ (compresses to 1/2″ when used on your horse) Steele Trail Saddle Pad eliminate bridging across the back of the horse when trail riding. The foam core is 1″ thick in the center and tapers to each end filling the gap between the horses back and the saddle. This pad equalizes pressure and redistributes weight for a more comfortable fit. Black wool bottom.

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Most popular color is black with the wool/fleece bottom

Saddle Color
2018-saddle colors
Purple/Blue/Robin Egg Blue/Green/Pink/Dark Pink/Yellow/Sky Blue/Light Yellow/Brown

Additional Information

Saddle Pad Colors Black, Blue, Brown, Dark Pink, Green, Light Yellow, Pink, Purple, Robin Egg Blue, Sky Blue, Yellow