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Air Flex Weaver Smart Girth

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Air Flex Weaver Smart Girth



Product Description

We trail ride like you do and want the absolute best in comfort for our horses which is why we only ride with the Weaver Air Flex Smart Cinch.  This girth features expertly-designed rollers that have less play, lending stability to the latigo for smoother rolling.  The contoured lip helps keep latigo security positioned and guides user for a straight pull every time.
Thicker, longer buckle with a hooked end helps keep it locked in place for added reliability and the modern streamlined design offers a sleek look for the rider.

Additional Information

Girths Western 26", Western 27", Western 28", Western 29", Western 30", Western 31", Western 32", Western 33", Western 34", Western 35", Western 36", Western 37", Western 38", English 34", English 35", English 36", English 37", English 38", English 39", English 40", English 41", English 42", English 43", English 44", English 45", English 46", English 47", English 48", English 49", English 50", English 51", English 52", None