Thank you Steele Saddle

James Coulson of Strattanville, PA riding with the Classic Trail Saddle.

I may be done with my riding season for this year although I do hope to get one or two more in before the weather gets ugly. I must say that my Steele Classic Trail saddle and Steele saddle pad has been a real blessing this season. In the past, my horse would develop a sore spot on his back after a 10 to 15-mile ride. I tried many things to avoid this but couldn’t solve the issue. My horse never had a sore spot on his back this summer and neither did I. I didn’t get as grouchy after lunch as I did in the past and when I dismounted I could walk right away and didn’t have to wait a few seconds to get the feeling back in my legs. The cedar tree is light enough that I have no trouble lifting the saddle on to my horse even after having total reverse replacements on both shoulders. I just wonder how many folks who have quit riding because it was too uncomfortable could still be enjoying the trail on a Steele saddle. Thank You, Eric, Fred, and Steele Saddle Company. – James C.